Hypnopedia: The act of learning while asleep or under hypnosis

ThIs iS nO FAiRy tAle…

Hypnopedia The Trilogy follows the journey of Passiflora incarnata in the years that follow after A Phytophiliac’s Chronicle Of Dying Daisies

It’s starts much like any other love story- charming “good”  guy meets girl who’s been through some shit, he sweeps her off her feet and they fall madly in  what seems like “love”. But what at first seems like a beautiful dream turns into Passiflora’s worst nightmare. At first, it’s just a few “little things” that just seem “off”. Slowly  and then exponentially, the “little things” begin to stack up and reveal the true, sinister face of the man she thought she knew. Only by the time she realizes, it seems it may be too late.  Love and hate, life and death, trying to see through the haze and learning how to escape while  trapped in  a nightmare; Hypnopedia The Trilogy is three books recounting the raw, raunchy and true story of one woman’s experience with unraveling the truth and escaping a prison of lies and hidden terror . It’s a real life thriller- a story of the struggle to distinguish false awakenings from reality, dreams from waking nightmares,  and paranoia from intuition.   It’s controversial, shocking, sometimes heart warming and often heart wrenching- but this book will make you not only feel but also think. Full of dark humor, quick wit , clever metaphor, and plenty of surprises- Hypnopedia The Trilogy will keep you at the edge of your seat, through the  very last line.  Check out the books tab today for descriptions, previews and purchase info.